Some people call it a camera, but to me it’s the closest thing to a time machine we’ve ever invented.

Imagine, a device that lets you stop a moment in time. 

You can’t change time or turn it back, but with a camera you can make time stand still, capture a moment and revisit it forever.

It’s that amazement and awe that keeps me reaching for my camera(s).

More than that, this magical device has allowed me to see places, meet people, make friends, and go on journeys I could have never imagined, from the ghettos of Mumbai India to the Olympics in Beijing.

And while the places impressed me, it’s the stories that stay with me. The faces and emotions and life-altering barely perceptible moments. And the fear that it might all have been forgotten had it not been photographed is what drives me. 

This website is an extension of that. It’s a collection of memories and stories and moments.

I’ve often thought it would be a shame to have all these memories and stories tucked away gathering dust in a corner on some external hard drive, and worse yet, how sad it would be to have all  these amazing stories be forgotten when my memory goes. 

For some of you this site will be like going down memory lane, and for others it will be an eye-opening look at what training for the Olympics actually looks like. 

For all of you I hope it’s a reminder that life is a strung together collection of moment’s lived at a shutter speed of 1/500s of a second. 

Here is my collection. 

Welcome to SHIVSPIX.

Have a question or request about these images? Get in touch.

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The Longest Odds

Go inside the Olympic journey and see

what it truly takes to compete at the highest level

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